Jason Tidd (JT) started DJ’ing with me close to nine years ago. An Indianapolis native, JT has been part of Hipnotik Sounds of Indy (HSI) from the beginning.  An important cornerstone to this company he understands the importance of each event.   His very first show was at the Hyatt in Downtown Indianapolis. “I’ve always been into music but It was at that moment, my very first show, that I realized the impact that I could make in peoples lives through music.”  Since that day JT has been an inseparable member of the HIPNOTIK family, doing more and more events every year. From College events , anniversaries, or weddings and receptions,  there’s no job too big for JT.  JT not only views Hipnotik as a job opportunity, but as a hobby that he loves and has a deep passion for.  Dedication and success are the words that best describe JT when it comes to Hipnotik Sounds and your event.

“To see people having a great time or to make a moment unforgettable because you played their favorite song is why I do what I do.  Not only the music, but being in that moment of some ones special day is priceless! I would love to be a part of your event and to make it one to never forget” – Jason Tidd