My name is Josh Hargis, the founder of Hipnotik Sounds.  I was born in 1980 and grew up in hometown Indianapolis, IN. From listening to Motown with my dad, to rocking out to classic 60‘s, 70‘s, and 80‘s with my brothers, being introduced to all genres of music has made me a better DJ.  Since the beginning of my life,music has always been my muse.

Over twelve years ago, I started playing music for people at special events. I had two home theatre speakers, a six disc CD changer and a mic.  Not too impressive, but what we lacked in money we made up for with the love of all music. It was in those early years that I realized my dream to make moments for others special and unforgettable!  I dreamed of how to make this idea bigger than myself and what I could just do. In a few short years that dream became a reality. I stumbled upon several people who saw and shared the same passion for these moments as I did.  Thus Hipnotik Sounds was born.

I have had the pleasure for the last eleven years to be a part of people’s memories that will last a lifetime. I’ve ran weddings and receptions for government officials, professional athletes, and the regular JOE. No matter who it was they all shared the same outcome. SUCCESS!  That is why until this year Hipnotik Sounds has never had any advertisement.  We let word of mouth bring in the business and the proof was in the puddin’.  We now have five DJ’s and I have never been so proud to be a part of something so special. With the recent increase in volume to Hipnotik, I developed a web page to make communication between you and I a little easier. I hope that it has answered all of your questions.  If not please feel free to e-mail or call me directly for anything.

I would not be who I am with out music and the influences of so many; thanks to my wife and my two children, my mom and dad, family and friends, and of course the big man up stairs! I love what I do and would have it no other way. I would love to be a part of making your day an amazing success so please reserve your date with me ASAP!  Thank you for this opportunity and GOD BLESS!!